Complicated pt 1

Rated: T

Summary: Kevin had problems with coming out and acts differently with Edd in private than in public. Edd just wants the secrets to stop.

Side note: I’m not sure how long this is going to be but for now it seems like it’s going to be more than a few chapters.

Skinny fingers drummed on the flat surface of a desk. It was the last period of the day and Kevin couldn’t wait to get out of the oppression of the four white walls with various posters of dogs with goggles and beaker things.

Ever since a few months back when he started his closet relationship with the double dork he couldn’t help but feel like the gap toothed boy was like a drug that Kevin needed to come back for more.

The ginger let out a long sigh and looked at the clock.

Three more minutes.

Then he was free to make out with the other for about fifteen minutes before anyone came looking for him for football practice. His fingers slowly came to a stop as he started drifting off into day-dream land with a lazy smile on his face.

Which was wiped off from surprise when the bell rang. Kevin took a moment to blink back into the present and then quickly grabbed his things to rush out of the room and towards the janitors closet that no one really went by.

Kevin looked both ways to make sure no one would see him enter before walking inside and leaving the door open just a small crack. He always loved to see the nerd pause at the door and fidget for a moment before going into the closet.

He smirked when he spotted the other stop in front and cautiously glance both ways while playing with his fingers. The door barely opened more before Kevin grabbed Edd by the front of his sweater vest to crush their lips together.

The door clicked shut and so their make out began, Edd all the nervousness and surprised squeaks while Kevin swallowed them down.

The ginger loved how it was going until the brunet lightly pushed him away so he could talk again.

“Kevin…may I ask what our status is?” Edd had been pondering on what they were since the week after they had started their secret sessions. He didn’t like hiding anything from his other friends or keeping secrets at all. That coupled with the fact that he was always confused when they would pass by in the hallways Kevin wouldn’t even look at him.

And truth be told it kind of hurt.

Kevin let out an annoyed grunt at being interrupted and took a quick glance at his watch, “Cant this wait? I’ve got, like, five more minutes before I gotta leave.” With that he dove in again, ignoring the question.

And Edd let it happen. He wasn’t as into the making out after the obvious brush off but who would be after being ignored. Two minutes later he couldn’t take it and pushed him away again.

Kevin gave a louder grunt and pressed his palm against his forehead, “I don’t know okay? Can we get back to this now?”

As he went back in Edd pushed him again, “I’m afraid not Kevin.” He almost smiled at the frustrated noise but remembered that he needed to be serious right now, “I do… harbor feelings for you, do you for me?” He glanced up and twiddled his fingers again.

Kevin’s shoulders slumped as he rested his head on Double D’s shoulder, “Yeah, I do.” He said quietly.

Edd let the light feeling stay for a bit before going on to his next question, “Then…. Could we maybe-”


The brunet jumped at the sudden interruption and blinked at the other. He leaned back in order to actually look at Kevin’s face.

He sighed again and ran a hand through the hair underneath his hat, “I’m captain of the football team. I can’t just ‘come out’ all of a sudden. There would basically be no living it down for me.” Kevin checked his watch again and sighed, “I gotta go. I’ll see ya later.”

Edd felt the small peck on his lips and turned to watch him leave the closet. The brunet waited a short while before exiting as well, the thoughts in his head distracting him too much that he didn’t notice someone just passing the door.

Everything froze for a second as the two students stared at each other. What’s more, the gap toothed boy kind of recognized her; she was in one of his classes. Edd felt a blush start to run up his neck and over his entire face and quickly turned and walk away hoping that she wouldn’t think much of it.

The girl who had paused her game on her handheld stared after him with a look of confusion, ‘…Didn’t that football guy just come out of there?

She thought for a few seconds then shrugged and went back to her game, albeit a little more distracted than usual.

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