Complicated pt. 2
Rated: T

Summary: Kevin had problems with coming out and acts differently with Edd in private than in public. Edd just wants the secrets to stop.

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‘Throw the ball or you’re going to get tackled… throw the ball or you’re going to get tackled! Throw the ball or you’re going to get tackled!’ Double D was convinced that just watching the practice games was going to make his own heart give out from nerves.

He went up to the bleachers to study right after school let out, which incidentally, made him skip the make out session in the closet. Edd was pretty sure that Kevin had a fit before going to practice. He looked back down at his chemistry book and wrote more notes on his paper feeling a little bad about it.

Edd was trying to look like he was extremely busy but every time the quarterback was yelling; his eyes forced themselves away from the book to look at the number 1. Needless to say, judging from his body language, he seemed a bit peeved.

They made eye contact for the smallest of seconds before Edd quickly looked back to his book. He took a small breath before trying to focus on the text again.

This was hard when he felt the burning gaze from the football star.

Edd cautiously glanced up when he felt it was safe to do so again and found Kevin facing away from him. The beanied boy slumped a little with the slight sinking feeling in his gut. He looked back to his book and sighed. At this rate he wouldn’t be able to study with depressing thoughts circling his mind. Edd stood up from the bleacher and walked down the stairs to head home.

Hopefully the lesser amount of distractions would help with his studying.

What he didn’t account for was the distraction of his own thoughts on the matter.


The next day Edd was happy that his minimal studying had paid off. He was able to scrape by with a 96% on the test. As he was heading to go have lunch, miscellaneous thoughts running through his head about chemistry and math, he was rather strongly pushed into the wall of lockers.

Edd let out a grunt and almost fell to his knees; that was certainly going to bruise. He glanced behind to see what spots team had done it and his eyes widened when he saw the number 1 staring back at him again.

Locker-checked without a second glance from the guy that he kind of more than liked really sucked.

Edd faced forward again and let himself slowly slide to the floor, he only thought about the germs dully since more important things were plaguing his mind. He blinked as his eyes started to burn, ‘Drat.’ Edd stood quickly and briskly walked to the closest door to hide in. Double D didn’t really pay attention to what door he entered but then his ears were assaulted with soft music and someone singing.

The theatre was basically empty, only a few students scattered about working for the upcoming play.

He felt a little out of place but went to sit in one of the seats anyways. The lights were down in the house and it seemed like it was a run-through but there was too little of an amount of students working on it to actually be a real rehearsal. It must have been just the kids who really cared. Edd looked to the stage and saw a student that he kind of recognized.

What was his name?…. Jake…Jace…. James!

Edd whole-heartedly let the distraction of the performance take him away from his throbbing shoulder and heart. He couldn’t help but think that the other was a whole other person on stage than he was in school walking around. He didn’t seem as mean and appeared more approachable when he was in character.

Edd sat more comfortably and was content on just watching as a whole other person but he stiffened when someone sat next to him.

She leaned over and spoke in almost a whisper, “You know if he catches you watching he’s totes gonna kill you.”

Edd looked over and almost immediately blushed. This was the girl who had caught him coming out of the closet, literally, “A-And why would he do that?” Hopefully she didn’t notice who he was, after all it was pretty dark in the theatre.

She giggled quietly, “Because he is rehearsing, he’s convinced that these performances are mediocre at best and wants only the best seen.” She turned towards him and recognition flashed through her eyes for the briefest of seconds, “Hey…”

Edd stiffened again, staring back into her eyes.

“You’re in one of my classes aren’t you?”

He relaxed and nodded.

At that moment the singing and music stopped. They both froze and turned their gazes towards the stage and focused on the actor.

“I want to do it again. Take it from the top.”

The music started again and both students relaxed.

“Holy swiss cheese I totes thought we were caught!” The girl whispered, letting out a relieved breath and relaxing into the seat over-dramatically. She chuckled for a moment then glanced at the other and stood up quietly, “C’mon, it’s safer in the tech-booth.”

Edd hesitated for a second, “I should probably get back to lunch.”

The girl cocked her head to the side with a knowing smile, “Why would you have come in here in the first place? Not many kids give up their lunch for a sneak peak at a show.” Her tone of voice changed the tiniest, almost unnoticeable, bit with the last part.

Edd sighed and nodded, “Alright, lead the way if you please.” He truthfully didn’t want to be around anyone that he knew, or worse, run into an angry red-head in the hallway again. He might get more than just a bruised shoulder next time they saw each other.

She looked like she was trying to stifle some laugh and nodded, “Just make sure to be light on your feet!” with that she turned and started walking through the aisle quietly.

The boy followed behind just as quietly, afraid of what the boy on stage would do if he was caught watching.

James didn’t seem that strong at all, but Edd knew he was very smart, and the only thing that he was more wary of than brawn was brains. Some people could come up with some creative things.

Edd shivered as he imagined a manically laughing James and followed that much closer to his guide.

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