Complicated pt. 3

Rated: T

Summary: Kevin had problems with coming out and acts differently with Edd in private than in public. Edd just wants the secrets to stop.

James Cute belongs to kirakurry.


The door shut with a small click and then all was quiet in the house. Edd leaned against the door for a few seconds listening to the lack of noise before sighing and walking into the kitchen to look for any notes from his parents.

The rest of the day had passed without incident and the unexpected bout of exercise towards the end of lunch was interesting to say the least. Rave had ended up catching both him and Kirra which turned into a chase scene almost from a movie.

Kirra pushed him into the cats and told him to run across the entire thing. Edd could hear her laughter right behind him as she steered him through the maze-like second story. She ended up pushing him into a small lighting room in the wings and stood in front of it to intercept the other boy.

“Who was that and why was he in here?” Came the stoic voice. He didn’t even seem winded from their run. Then again, any type of run is long term for Double D.

“Just someone who’s had an off day! Come on Rave you know that was fun.” Her voice was very cheerful and almost teasing. ‘Did she have a death wish?’ Edd thought as he leaned closer to the door, hoping he wouldn’t hear a murder.

“…Next time keep your laughter quiet. I could barely hear myself singing.” Edd figured he was over exaggerating a little bit.

“Yes sir!”

“Don’t call me sir Kirra.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Edd heard footsteps leading away and let out a small breath. The door opened and he stumbled out, “Do you want to get yourself killed?!” he said in a hushed voice, worried that the other was just waiting for him to appear.

Kirra giggled and shook her head, “Nah, he can’t kill me, besides I have a few extra lives racked up!”

Double D shook his head of his near death experience and picked the notes off of the cabinets. There was only sweeping and telling him of the food in the fridge. He threw the notes in the trash can and went to his room to do his homework.

Sometimes being a latch-key kid wasn’t all that cracked up to be.

A couple of hours later, after he had a decent amount of studying and all of his homework done, a knock on his door sounded.

It couldn’t have been his parents since they would have used the garage and Eddy and Ed would have just called and told him to meet them outside. Perplexed about the stranger at his front door, Edd walked down the stairs and to the door to look out of the peep hole.

He stifled the small noise of surprise when he saw Kevin on the other side, ‘Did he want to beat me up in my own home?!’ Edd took a deep breath and raised his voice, opting to be safe in his home, “What can I help you with Kevin?” That came out a little more cold than expected.

The red head looked at the door and then looked to the street, “Can I just come in Double D?” He looked somewhat nervous to be outside.

Or maybe it was just because he was outside of Edd’s front door in public.

The brunet sighed again and undid the lock to open it. He stepped to the side as Kevin walked in and shut it behind himself. Edd quietly watched the red head with folded arms.

Kevin looked out the window beside the door distractedly before turning to Edd, he opened his mouth to speak but stopped when he saw his arm, “Oh, shit. Sorry about that.”

Edd looked at his arm and then back to his guest, “Yeah, lockers are more solid than humans Kevin.” The bruising looked worse than it was but the big dark purple mark along his arm stood out against his light skin. It still hurt from earlier but Edd had taken some Tylenol so it wouldn’t be a bother, “What can I do for you?”

Kevin rubbed his arm absentmindedly and cleared his throat, “I just wanted to know why you weren’t there yesterday.” He didn’t ask about today because he felt that it was pretty obvious, “I waited for ten minutes but you never showed.”

Edd sighed and uncrossed his arms, “I don’t know Kevin. I just… ” he trailed off because he really didn’t know why. He felt uneasy about the whole secret thing. Edd wanted to walk through the halls of school holding hands with Kevin, not hiding in a closet for a quickie. He just didn’t know how to tell that to the jock. Edd motioned Kevin to follow him to his room.

They sat on Edd’s bed facing each other.

Kevin seemed more uncomfortable than Edd was at that moment, “Listen Double D, I wasn’t lying yesterday.” He paused and sighed, “But I just can’t come out with you in school.”

“I understand that Kevin, I really do. Your status is important to you and you want to keep it.” It hurt a little to say that his reputation meant more to him, “I just really hate secrets Kevin. I abhor them.” He was also kind of jealous whenever any girls were hanging off of him but he didn’t need to know that yet.

Kevin nodded and stared at the bed sheets, “I’m…. I’m sorry that you have to put up with that but it’s just…” He trailed off again and ran his hand through his hair, “It’s just hard for me, I’m not ready yet.” Kevin dropped his arm into his lap and looked back at Edd.

The other watched him and started to feel bad for the red head. Edd twisted his hands together before glancing out his window, “…Then… can you at least let up on your assaults on me during school?”

Kevin looked at Edd’s bruised arm and scowled, “Yeah man. I didn’t know I hit you that hard though.” He looked up into the blue eyes and continued, “I really am sorry about that.” He was mad, that was for sure, and he felt insanely bad about hurting the kid that he liked.

Edd felt a small blush cover his nose and cheeks, “I-it’s quite alright.” He looked away, slightly embarrassed at the other’s caring tone of voice. This Kevin was the Kevin he knew of, the one that he kind of fell for. He felt the bed dip a little and glanced up, only to be an inch or so away from the other’s face.

Kevin paused for a second when Edd looked up before kissing him gently. He moved so one of his hands was holding the other’s face in order to deepen the kiss.

Edd closed his eyes as their mouths molded together. He sighed through his nose contentedly as they kissed each other lazily. He wasn’t used to this type of kissing seeing as they usually only have heavy make outs in the closet but Edd found that he very much preferred this type.

Kevin leaned away and smiled when he saw Edd lean with him for a second before realizing and then sitting back, “What do you say to extending our sessions to outside of school?” A measly fifteen wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Edd smiled, “I would enjoy that.”

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