Complicated pt. 4

Rated: T M for this chapter >< sorreh chillins.

Summary: Kevin had problems with coming out and acts differently with Edd in private than in public. Edd just wants the secrets to stop.

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Edd walked through the school more happy than he had been for a while now. He met up with Eddy and Ed at a lunch table and sat with his two best friends. The conversation was turning in the same direction as it always did after the, “Where you been.” the “What’s got you so happy?” and of course the, “Watch this Double D!” (The last one coming from Ed of course.)To which he had replied vaguely to.

Edd watched amused for a while as the two interacted with each other, he really did miss his friends over the past few weeks, and then glanced up and around the cafeteria.

Everyone was in their own little cliques, although the jock table was the one that drew his eye first. He caught himself staring after a few seconds and cleared his throat to look somewhere else slightly embarrassed at himself. Edd didn’t want to be too obvious about his crush on Kevin.

Plus he didn’t want to heighten the chance of being beaten up later by the team.

There was a loud laugh that he instantly recognized and looked for the source. He found a bright splash of color a good ways away from his table that belonged to Kirra. Seeing her in all black yesterday was probably just because she was rehearsing but he didn’t expect her to wear that much color.

The guy that she was with had his own type of style as well. Socks with sandals and goggles on his head, they both had hand-held gaming devices. Edd idly wondered if he was an addict like Kirra, which he had found out the day before from her.

She glanced up and looked around for a second before landing on the brunet. Kirra smiled brightly and waved before something on her game grabbed her attention again. She pouted and started complaining to the boy. He just laughed and said something else back.

It looked as though they were playing each other but Edd couldn’t be too sure, he wasn’t positive about how video games worked.

He swept his eyes across the lunch table again, (his eyes lingered on Kevin for the second time.) and turned back to Eddy and Ed. Edd heard the tail end of Eddy’s scheme and forced himself not to roll his eyes.

Some things never change.


Tongues and hands were everywhere in the dark and cramped space.

Edd moaned lightly when Kevin licked down his neck and started sucking lightly. He knew the other wouldn’t leave a mark (even though he wished he would) it was too risky.

Kevin pushed his hand underneath the other’s shirt to slide over Edd’s stomach. He latched onto the slightly protruding hip bone and rubbed circles in the dip.

The smaller boy squirmed a little at the tickling sensation, “Kevin, ah!” There was a light chuckle before it stopped and then Kevin’s lips were on him again.

Edd grunted when he felt the other press him harder against the wall of the closet. The hand on his hip held on tightly as Kevin started slowly grinding against him. He knew that fifteen minutes was barely enough for either of them so when the jock’s watch beeped signaling for him to get to practice, Edd pulled him back to whisper in his ear, “My place after you’re done.”

This earned another groan from Kevin. He kissed him again harshly before pulling back and whispering against Edd’s lips, “I’ll be there at 6.”

Edd blinked at the brightness of the hallway, counted to twenty in order to calm himself down before carefully opening the door and heading out the other way. He couldn’t help but remember that Kevin had a definite problem and wondered how he was going to take care of that before he got to practice.

As his mind was slowly getting him flustered, a door opened right in front of him. Edd blinked and held his hands out in order to make sure he wouldn’t run into it. He let out a rather undignified squeak as he fell down.

"Oh whoops! Dude, I’m sorry!" The head that looked around the door was none other than one of the football team. He offered his hand to Edd and helped him up, "You didn’t get hurt or anything did ya?"

Edd shook his head as he brushed himself off, “No, I’m quite alright.” He gave a half smile to the teal haired boy and stood awkwardly, “Umm, …hasn’t your practice already started?” Edd was genuinely curious as to why he wasn’t already on the field since Kevin told him that he was usually just barely cutting it.

The boy blinked and checked his watch, “Oh shit, you’re right.” He started running down the hallway but turned and ran backwards so he could yell back to the other, “Sorry for opening the door on your face dude!” With that he turned back and kept running.

Edd watched, intrigued. He looked into the room that the boy came out of and saw only an empty classroom, ‘I wonder what he was doing in here? …Probably studying …or playing a prank.' He turned back down the hallway to make his way home.

As he got closer to his house Edd started to get happier. After all Kevin was coming over after practice. Edd would be able to see more of the red head’s ‘real’ side.


The doorbell rang at 6:02, and Edd may or may not have been wondering if he had been stood up for those two minutes. He answered the door and was immediately pushed back inside. Edd’s back was against the now closed front door as a tongue assaulted his mouth.

Edd held onto the broader shoulders and gasped when he felt Kevin’s leg slip between his and started rubbing, “Kevin! Don’t you thi-ink this would be better somewhere else?” he managed to get out quickly with only a few light gasps.

Kevin trailed his tongue along the shell of Edd’s ear, “That would take patience.” He stated as a matter of factly and then sealed their lips together in order to have no more interruptions. Kevin moaned into the other’s mouth as he felt himself start to stiffen from their actions.

Edd wrapped his arms around the other’s neck tightly and shuddered when he felt a hardness against his hip. He knew that he was starting to grow a need as well but couldn’t do much being pinned to the door.

Kevin’s tongue explored Edd’s mouth freely. They both were breaking the kissing frequently by now in order to breathe but finally the kissing was too much with their building releases. So they just had their foreheads pressed together as their hips grinded erratically.

Their breath mingled together and their arms and hands tightened as they felt themselves starting to tip over that figurative bridge.

Edd gave a loud cry of Kevin’s name as his eyes rolled back. His legs were shaking from the exertion of supporting his weight. He was only dimly aware of his own name being dropped from Kevin’s lips as he reached his limit.

A fuzzy feeling drifted over them as they leaned against the door. When they had come back to reality, Kevin helped Edd up from the door. His green eyes strayed to the wet spot on the front of his pants and blushed. Kevin rubbed a hand on the back of his head and cleared his throat, “Sorry about how I didn’t give you any warning there.”

Edd glanced up and smiled, “It is alright Kevin, after all, I did rather enjoy it.” He said the last part quietly and more to himself but noticed the other’s slight proud smirk. Edd felt his own blush dust his cheeks, “Perhaps we should clean ourselves off?”

Kevin nodded and leaned in to kiss Edd gently like last time.

Edd felt himself get lost in the kiss and relaxed against the solid body, forgetting about cleaning up for the time being.

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