Complicated pt. 5

Rated: T

Summary: Kevin has problems with coming out and acts differently with Edd in private than in public. Edd just wants the secrets to stop.

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Edd knew he shouldn’t have kept bringing up the whole keeping secrets thing. He knew Kevin wasn’t ready and probably wouldn’t be for a long time considering. The brunet sighed and hugged his pillow to his chest.

Kevin had left earlier about it. The red head stormed out in frustration and went home.

Edd closed his eyes and thought about the moment that he had effectively ruined again, wishing that he could take everything back. But he knew that the issue wouldn’t go away. Not until it was delt with like all issues. Lying was against his nature. So in all honesty, dating Kevin in the manner that they are now was not something Edd could do long term.

Tears prickled against the back of his eyes for the second time again. He took a deep breath in and let it out slowly.

The only real option was to stop if Edd didn’t want to keep sneaking around behind everyone’s backs and he knew that.

Edd knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. The jock seemed more at ease with a secret relationship and figured Edd would be fine with it eventually. That he would get used to it and be fine with it after a while.

Edd wished that Kevin was right.


The next day at lunch Edd hid away inside of the theatre again. He bypassed the seating area and went to the tech booth knowing it was much safer. Rave wasn’t on stage at the moment but that just meant that he didn’t know where to go to avoid him. Edd peaked inside and went to sit against the wall on the far end next to where the entrance to the cats are.

He pulled out his phone and texted Eddy, saying that he was busy during the lunch period and to carry any semantics on without him today.

The reply just said ‘Sure you are sock-head. See ya tomorrow then.’

He smiled at the obvious sarcasm and then put him phone away. Edd wasn’t sure how long he was thinking about his predicament with Kevin before the lights turned on. He jumped and looked at the person at the doorway.

“Well you look like shit.”

Edd gave Kirra a small smile and pulled his knees up to hug them, “A very astute observation.” He felt like it as well.

The colorful girl sat next to him and sighed, “Soooo, what’s up?” she asked after a small pause.

The brunet shook his head and just buried his head in his arms, “Nothing, I’m just going to stay here for this period, you may go to your work if you need to.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk about it, it was that he couldn’t without giving away anything and Edd didn’t want to use the whole ‘My friend’ scenario that anyone can see right through.

Kirra tilted her head a tiny bit to the left, “Did you get into a fight with your boyfriend or something?”

Edd froze, he knew she wasn’t being sarcastic, that was a genuine question on her part. He looked up quickly while a heavy feeling started forming in his stomach, “W-what? I don’t have a boyfriend!” His voice probably gave it all away.

She looked confused, “No? But weren’t you seeing that football guy?” Kirra looked away for a moment then back with her eyebrows furrowed.

“What would give you that idea?!” Edd more squeaked than spoke. If she knew, what if she told people about them? Would Kevin be outed in the most horrible way?

“I did see you two leave the same janitor’s closet like two weeks ago. I mean, you could have been playing checkers or something but there are better places for that.”

Edd turned bright red. She did remember. He stood up quickly and started pacing, “This is bad. This is bad. This is bad.” He didn’t notice her standing up and holding out her hands.

“Hey now, nothings bad, I don’t care about that kind of stuff. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, I mean look at me! What kind of book would I make?” she gave a nervous laugh, very uncomfortable with the sudden change of situation.

Edd turned to her and frantically asked, “Have you told anyone?!” He didn’t mean to let his voice carry that loudly, he was just in a panic at the moment.

Kirra flinched and backed to the wall. She swallowed and looked to the floor, “I-I just mentioned something about you and him being a cute couple to Sam but that’s about it-”

“You WHAT?!”

She flinched again, “Edd, you’re kinda freaking me out here…”

Edd finally noticed how close she looked to a frightened animal. He took a small breath to calm himself, “My apologies Kirra. May I ask who Sam is?” he continued in a softer tone but still a little panicked.

Kirra held her hand to her chest to try and calm herself, “Sam, the guy that I usually sit with at lunch? We like to make random people into couples when one of our batteries runs low.” She gave a shaky laugh, “I mentioned that you and the football guy would make a cute couple and he agreed. I didn’t actually say anything about you two though.”

Edd nodded and sat in the tech chair that was behind him in relief, “….Good… that’s good.”

She swallowed and glanced up at him again, “… if you’re sneaking around in closets I assume you guys didn’t want to be public. Either that or one of you has a weird kind of fetish for mops.” Kirra slid down the wall to sit again and held her hands together to keep them from shaking.

Edd gave a small laugh and stood, “Sorry for that Kirra, I should probably leave now; lunch is ending in a few minutes.” He walked to the doorway before pausing and turning back, “For the record though, I think you would make a brilliant book.”

Kirra looked up and smiled, “Thanks Edd.” She watched him turn when another thought came to her head, “But I don’t think I’m the only one that’s found out about it.”

Edd’s breath stopped again, “Who?”

“One of the other football guys, he was watching Kevin looking at you and you looking at him.” She cleared her throat before going on, “I uh, sorta noticed when Sam and I were pairing him with Rave.” She continued rather sheepishly.

Edd turned back around with a worried face, if one of the team knew about him and Kevin, what would happen to Kevin? “Who was it?”


“Hey hombre! Can I ask you a question?”

Kevin glanced up from his phone to his friend, “Yeah Nat what’s up?” He put his phone in his pocket and turned towards the teal haired boy to give him his full attention.

Nat stretched his arms above his head and leaned back on the grass. They both wanted to get away for this lunch and decided to hang out on the field, “We’re best buds right?”

Kevin laughed at that, “Of course we are man, why wouldn’t you think that?” He was just simply sitting up, enjoying the view of a quiet field and nice day. Kevin glanced down to his friend whose eyes were closed at that moment.

Nat sighed before adjusting his arms to behind his head, “Then why keep the whole thing a secret? I mean I get it for the team and all, but from me too? C’mon man!” He wasn’t hurt or anything, he was just genuinely wondering, as well as having fun teasing the other jock.

Kevin shook his head in confusion, “Keep what in a secret Nat?”

The shorter boy sat up and looked at his best friend in a dead-pan stare, “Come on man, the science geek?” He paused with a small knowing smirk on his face.

Kevin’s stomach started dropping at that, “…huh?” Maybe he could just play dumb throughout the entire questioning; after all, Nat couldn’t be that observant about trivial things, could he?

Nathan rolled his eyes, “It’s pretty damn obvious that you’re hitting that.”

Kevin just stared. He was so busted.

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